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How to Use PPL Power Pack

Download from ColdePlex

You can get the latest released PPL Power Pack zip file from
Also you could get the source code by Git from our git repo master branch. Please note that development branch is reserved for internal developing use only, which subjects to errors and failures.

Header-Only Library

PPL Power Pack is a header-only library - you don't need to build the library before use.
There are 3 steps to use it:
  1. download and unzip the source code to your local folder;
  2. add additional include folder reference for your C++ project to the include folder in PPL Power Pack source code;
  3. include <pplpp.h> header in your source file.

Source Code Structure

+---include             // the public headers for library
¦   +---impl             // implementation details
+---samples           // sample projects
¦   +---Blinks           // refers to [Blink Sample]
+---tests                // tests code for 4 different vs platform


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